Look Outside my Window!

Welcome my dear friends, thank you for coming. The most erratic weather elements are not deterring our avian friends from approaching the feeders and getting their daily meals. This Winter is proving to be a harsh one for us, not so much for the severity as for the randomness of conditions.

Here we go, look at the American Goldfinch on the left, semi hidden behind the leaves. The bird is waiting for the opportunity to grab a meal from the feeder saucer on the deck. This individual is part of the group that did not migrate. The sun is shining a bit at this moment.L-133

The wind is starting to blow and at times strong gusts of air make every plants, grasses, leaves as well as birds, seeds and anything not tied down fly like a kite! Look to your right, there’s a Chipping Sparrow perched on that branch holding on tight because the breeze is getting stronger. He might have to find shelter soon!L-134

There’s one thing that usually come after the wind…the cold temperatures! Just take a look at those Mourning Doves, they are starting to feel the cold temperature kicking in. They puff up their down feathers and sit on where the blend with the background. It works pretty well if they stay down and do not move. It’s a safety feature against predators.L-135

Talking about predators! Take a good look at that naked tree on the far right, that bird is a predator! A Cooper’s Hawk keeping an eye on the pray at the distance and then when the moment is right, simple pounce and …you know what follows!L-136

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


13 thoughts on “Look Outside my Window!

  1. So now I know where the Chipping Sparrows go and I don’t blame them! I agree about the randomness of the weather events, so precarious, I’m sure it throws the birds off guard too. Great pictures. 🙂

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