Red Carpet Celebrities?

Here in USA, whenever there is a Movie or Entertainment Awards Gala, the event creates a big hoopla from the public in general about stars walking the Red Carpet! This means walking down on a bright red carpet literally to show off their egos and eccentricities to the world. Women wear the most extravagant dresses and redundant jewelry. Strutting their riches is a common thing of the event as well as daring to the most showing of skin by the female attendees.  All the banality and eccentricity, bore me, being a humble person myself, all these theatrics cause no effect on me.

My backyard may not have a red carpet but it has stars that definitely strut their aesthetic attributes with elegance and royal poise. Without a doubt the most popular stars of the avian galaxy! I bring to you the fabulous and flawless Award winners: Northern Cardinals!

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


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