Look Outside my Window!

Despite the roller coaster type of weather we are having, we are thriving in my backyard. The activity is still there, birds come and go. Yesterday I went shopping, driving about three blocks from my house I saw a flock of no less than 200 blackbirds. They landed to  take a rest in a walnut tree. I wasn’t carrying my camera…unfortunately. Just seeing them,  It made my happy.

Welcome to all of you my friends, let’s take a look outside my window. If you look in direction of the deck hand rail you’ll find my “backyard guardian” eating before going on duty, this Northern Mockingbird is most likely member of one of the families that have been residents of my backyard for many years. They represent the “Law” in my backyard. They are very cocky when at young age but when adult they are very good at spotting potential “outlaws”!


Look to your left! That’s a Song Sparrow, this species have also been nesting in my backyard for as long as I’ve been watching the birds in my backyard. They are pacific birds, they love to snoop round every object or crevice in the backyard. Before I knew from this bird I thought they were field mice in the distance! They are great birds!L-125

There in the far left lower side! That’s a great looking superstar in my backyard. Non other than a Northern Cardinal! I’ve been very lucky with them, there’re several families of these birds nesting in my backyard. They came once and they stayed ever since. I’ve seen many generations of cardinals raised here. I love them very much!L-126

Take a look up to that leafless tree from the background, can you see those birds? They are Mourning Doves. These birds are a permanent fixture in my backyard, in every season of the year. They too have been here from the first day, they are part of a large family of birds. I give them credit at least for… never missing a meal!L-127

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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