New Year Visitors

Seems like my year 2016 starts in a fine way in the area where I live because the sun just broke up the gray clouds and the much needed sunlight is shining upon us.

Sunshine works miracles on the mood of birds and they feel compelled to get out more and fly about. I also felt an infusion of excitement to see some more birds coming to my backyard. Amongst them I picked two names: American Goldfinch and Tufted Titmouse, they are featured on my Photo Gallery for today. I am looking forward to see more birds in my backyard and… Next month when I travel to South America with my wife and son. This is his first long trip abroad, this is a different story of course!

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

16 thoughts on “New Year Visitors

    • Our weather turned very cold after a couple of warm days! My trip will be to Peru, I’m going with my wife Lucy and son Tyler ( 6 y.o. this year) and show him some interesting places. I lived in Peru for awhile (worked). I traveled a great deal there too! Thanks MD! 🙂

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