Look Outside my Window!

I have written this post on Thursday Dec. 24th.

The glorious couple of sunny days got to their end Wednesday night, the weather forecast was quite accreted when alerted everyone that a gigantic mass of dense clouds was moving across the southern part of the Country with direction East! It just started like a small Summer shower late afternoon and by midnight increased to an explosive storm! Thunders sounding like bombs and lightning striking one after another. I hear it all through the night as the sound wake me several times. The rain was heavy and noisy too. Along with the storm, the forecast mentioned also the chances of tornados, these we have to take it seriously. They touched land in several locations but a bit far from us. You can imagine how soaked is everything and the poor birds were hungry and at the same time bothered by the wet situation. So dear friends, welcome and take a look at my avian friends outside my window!


Let me start with pointing left at that huge oak tree up on a branch, a Cooper’s Hawk sits there.This photo I shot early and was taken in a dark and far distance, later I found that he had killed one of my birds. I felt annoyed  by that even when I knew it’s a natural occurrence. I try not to think about it much.

Cooper's Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk

The end of the rain left a dark humid day. For me it meant that I had to clean up the deck and you can see seeds all over, I have opted to save some of the soggy seeds and let them dry in a different container, after I tried them I reused them and the  birds are eating them!

Special Note: I must thank everyone for your company every Tuesday she we look outside my window. The next time will be also next year, 2016 which I hope will be a better year, more prosperous and peaceful for all!

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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