Look Outside my Window!

For some time already…I think there’s a conspiracy to keep me from shooting pictures!

You must be getting curious about this already…Conspiracy? Let me explain, there’s a list of things that qualify as part of a “Conspiracy”:

Every time I get ready to shoot some pictures these has prevented me from doing it!

  • – My wife’s car got a flat tire.
  • – It’s freezing outside and everything is frozen, including seed. No birds on sight.
  • – We “have” to go shopping. (Imperative) Says the Mrs.
  • – Weather warms up and rain starts and it rains, and rains, more…stop! stop!.
  • – Rain finally subsides but the backyard is wet, muddy, a total mess of seeds, etc. Yuk!.
  • – The day is dark, too gray to do anything with a camera.
  • – Winds coming from the west or midwest blow hard and tornado warnings are in effect.
  • – It was cold and humid now is warmer and the dense fog sticks like molasses and those conditions are not so nice to shoot pictures.

Now, you don’t get the idea that someone is conspiring against me?…

By the way, thanks for being so patient with me. Look who’s there to greet you, non other that the new Sheriff in town: Northern Mockingbird, this one is a young and impetuous bird, he’s a rookie, very zealous about his territory and the birds that are in it. I’m keeping an eye on him because he might deter new species from visiting my feeders.L-103

Look up there, a family of House Finches are waiting for their turn to get their meals. They are the most well mannered bunch at time of their meals. Good for them!L-104

See that gorgeous looking lady on the left, she’s a Northern Cardinal and apparently is hungry too! She is young and strong, I’m sure that she will become a great mother in a few months later.L-105

Note: This time I show you a great little bird, enjoying a delicious peanut full of nutrients for being in good shape when the cold Winter days arrive. Bon appetite my friend!

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

15 thoughts on “Look Outside my Window!

  1. Oh, that’s quite a conspiracy theory. But you got very nice pictures! The young Northern Mockingbirds truly looks like he belongs to the sheriff’s department 😀

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