Short Story + Northern Mockingbird

“It happened long, long ago!”

Near the entrance of a cave are two friends, they are carving and sharpening stones for use as hunting tools. The two friends are Rocky and Sandy.

Sandy: – I heard that a fellow from cave # 20 is having great success with a new invention.

Rocky: –  Invention? What kind of invention are you talking about?

Sandy: – I heard that they call it “wheel”, it’s a rounded slab of rock and rolls easily, they are using this invention to simplify many important tasks that take so much effort and work to achieve. I, personally think that invention will be a great asset for humanity.

Rocky: – Sounds good to me too…and what does the Shaman say about that “wheel”?

Sandy: – Well, he is talking to everyone from the other caves and let them know how dangerous this “wheel” is becoming. It has been almost a week that they’ve been using it and the dust created when going on the ground are polluting the air, we’ll be destroying Earth by next month according to his calculations!

Rocky: – Whaaat?

Photo Gallery — Northern Mockingbird

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