Birds of Botswana – Book Review

Birds of Botswana

By authors: Peter Hancock & Ingrid Weiersbye

Book Review:


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“This field guide is a must have for any bird watchers or bird photographers on their way to a Botswana vacation or assignment. Even if you have already been there and need to ID or verify the birds that you have photographed this guide would make things simple . The list of birds described and illustrated in this book comes to 597 species.

Botswana is a large country in the south of the African continent. The authors have explored and mapped the species by areas where they breed, locations where can be easily found. Each bird is described with accuracy and easy to comprehend language. The colorful illustrations are absolutely rendered to be perfect visual help to the accompanying information. Illustrations also show the differences for sexual dimorphic birds and differences while at young age. The total amount of illustrations is 1200. Using this field guide will simplify your birder trip or your photography hunt a great deal because you will be able to ID the birds a lot sooner. This guide is published by Princeton University Publishing.”

Review by: H.J. Ruiz – – November 25th. 2015

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