Look Outside my Window!

Welcome folks! I enjoy being your guide while you look outside my window.Thank you for coming…Let’s begin! As you can see, It has stopped raining, although the ground is still wet and a bit muddy, at least we are getting a bit more light and the weather forecast looks very promising. Look there on the deck railing, that’s a young Northern Mockingbird, most likely a cocky male by attitude and poise. He looks strong and daring. He’s new I can tell because he’s bragging and letting every bird know that he’s in charge of this territory. All mockingbirds have that same attitude at the beginning and then, once he gets to know all the “regulars” he will relax and just limit to patrolling against predators or any potential danger.L-087

Up on that branch, those are a small group of House Finches, local birds that have a gregarious attitude and sense of unity to protect and keep all members well fed. They usually take turns to go to the feeders, they alternate keeping vigilance for the ones eating their meals. Good system to make sure that all get to eat and safe at the same time.L-088

Look toward the pine trees, can you see the male Northern Cardinal? He’s still there waiting for the rain to be finally over and most likely approach the feeder area. They have patience because they are local residents and have all day to feed. Other birds are only stopping by, feeding and then flying back to their own nesting areas that might be far.L-089

Note: The nest box depicted is empty and ready for next year, the design and strategic position is especially made for Eastern Bluebirds. See the Autumn colors of the leaves? The many rainy days we’ve had stripped trees bare of leaves before their natural time. The grounds are water logged and soft. It’s beautiful to the eye despite the conditions.L-090

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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