Introducing # 50

Just a few days ago I posted a list of birds species which have been photographed while visiting  my backyard. My count ended with # 49. Today, I’m adding one more to this list, although I had photographed this bird before in other locations rather than my backyard.

This Palm Warbler was most likely on its way to sunny Florida when decided to stop by my backyard for a short while. Looking at it I could with all confidence opine this is a strong, full of energy healthy bird. It’s posture and movements were indications of an alert and vivacious bird, the bird didn’t stay for very long, he was in constant movement. The weather conditions were not good enough to allow bright and colorful shots. The ISO settings were high for the absence of sunlight. Despite these conditions I was happy I shot some frames of the Palm Warbler.

I didn’t think that my list would add one more species this soon, but I’ll take it!

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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