Look Outside my Window!

Welcome once again and join me to look outside my window. Let me tell you  about the past week, it has been raining heavily every day, on off plus conditions outdoors were uninviting to do any photography. The fluctuation in weather temperatures creates foggy situations too, sometimes at night or early morning. The humidity is constantly high that is no doubt uncomfortable outside. See that female Brown-headed Cowbird up in that tree branch? She’s one of the members from a small flock of about a dozen cowbirds still hanging out in my backyard. They eventually continue their flight to the South.L-083

Look to the right, on top of that fence, that bird is a Brown Thrasher, it has been foraging on the grassy grounds in the creek. These birds are excellent diggers of invertebrates from the mud. By the way, the Brown Thrasher is the official bird of the State of Georgia. L-084

Guess who is back after almost a week, there by the deck! It’s a Northern Mockingbird. He loves to pick peanuts from the feeders! He likes the berries from the lower part of the backyard. These birds are constantly patrolling “their” territories and protecting them against intruders or any potential dangers. Cool isn’t it?L-085

Note: Look at that male House Finch eating inside the food saucer! What table manners! Now that we have less birds, like this guy, is binge eating without  any other birds to challenge him out. Those are the pluses for birds that stay through the cold season. Bon appetite!L-086

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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