Golden Treasure?

We had breaks from rain for a couple of days last week, although they were gray and humid at least they were not wet and soggy. One of those days I had a pleasant surprise while I was shooting some pictures, six beautiful American Goldfinches showed up and shared some meals with the other birds. To tell you the truth I thought that all goldfinches were gone already on their way south. They were very active and cheerful they also seemed to be strong and i good health. Their ‘non-breeding’ plumage is obvious, looking at them, one had his body almost white and stood out, it might be a case of ‘leucism’, for me it was the first time I saw one American Goldfinch with white body.

These birds I assume were most likely just dropping by to eat and rest to later continue their long journey. It was very delightful to see them flying and scouting the place around.

Who knows? if they like my backyard good enough, they might decide to come back next Spring!.

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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