Look Outside my Window!

Having rainy and dark days only makes me feel kind of melancholic because I don’t see the birds often and later when I see them, brings to my mind the fact that soon a number of them will be departing to their long trip to the South. Take a look at the European Starling up there on a branch, previous years the starlings would have been gone by now, however, this guy is taking a bit longer because he was hatched here, this was his home.L-079

Here’s another bird that somehow is reluctant to start flying and joining the large flocks gathering for collective migration, this bird is a Brown-headed Cowbird. Here in my backyard all birds are very dear to me and I will miss them while they are gone.

One thing about birds, some of them prefer to remain in their homes and brave all the seasons without having to fly thousands of miles to reach other locations.L-080

That part of the process brings me joy and comforts me. For example, some of the Northern Cardinal families usually stay all through the four seasons. These birds are strong and well prepared to survive all changes of the weather from hot to cold and I’ve seen them manage the events very well. I make that part a bit easier by providing them food.L-081

Note: Who can look at this lovely female cardinal in the eyes and deny her of food and shelter?L-082

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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