Play It by Ear

We are dealing with a real crazy weather lately. One day is very cold and the next is warm, rains a lot or there’s no rain at all. It’s very hard to keep up with it. Just now that I’m writing this post, it’s noon already, a bit after 6 am when I got up it was raining lightly, not long after I refilled the feeders, heavy rain started and I know it’s going to ruin all I did earlier. Birds take shelter and they miss their meals. I checked the weather on TV and the forecast is: Rain all day very heavy at times. For reasons of the leftover clouds from the hurricane Patricia that just crossed the Gulf of Mexico through Texas overnight and now is soaking all the States in the South. Our State included. This Hurricane was devastating in parts of Mexico. As you can realize, forecasts change in short time and get unpredictable many times. We are going to plan ahead and just “play it by ear” later.

Luckily, I shot some pictures before the rain came, the day before and here they are:

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs Β© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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