Look Outside my Window!

Hello everyone, if you look to the right, way back behind the deck, you’ll be able to see a Sumac plant devoid of leaves, sitting there is a male Northern Cardinal. The reason of the absence of leaves on the Sumac is the low temperatures and heavy rains we had, which precipitated the process of defoliation. The cardinals love to eat the seeds from the sumac’s dried flowers.L-075

I’m totally surprised to see European Starlings still hanging out and haven’t flown south yet. Usually they start their move from this area at the beginning of Autumn.

Perhaps they are just delayed while they eat well and have plenty energy to begin their long flight South.L-076

Carolina Chickadees keep working extra hard to have enough food stored to be ready for Winter, I have the feeling that we’ll be facing a long, cold Winter next season.

The chickadee group is larger now, seem like some more couples are staying this time. The more the merrier!L-077

Note: I had the opportunity to capture one shot of two young male Brown-headed Cowbirds on what it seems playing around, not fighting as they are used to do. I get that ‘boys are boys’ applies to them too! It was a delightful scene to my opinion. What do you think?L-078

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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