Look Outside my Window!

It’s great to have you here, you’re welcome! So you know, last Sunday early morning the temperature was 34º F, quite cool for this time of October in Georgia, I’m sure that low temperatures like that one will precipitate the coloration and hence the fall of foliage in our area. If you look to your right you’ll be able to see an European Starling, I am surprise that they haven flown away yet like every year. One thing that will be different this year is the migration schedules for birds because of variation of weather patterns.L-071

I’ve seen so many Carolina Chickadees lately, look to your left now! They are very active taking seeds to storage for an approaching Winter. That could mean a harsh or long cold season ahead, Who knows? These little birds are hard workers and dedicated to their survival.L-072

Look to your farther left! Can you see it? That is a male Red-winged Blackbird, I thought they were gone already! He’s here alone, hmm…rare. He must be late or lagging behind, I do notice that his plumage shows he’s still young and non-breeding. Maybe he’s just getting some food and will catch up with his flock soon. Bon Voyage young fellow!L-073

Note: This is just a graphic report of my dear cardinal missing a leg, I call him my “War Vet” He’s in good health and furthermore he stands tall and with honor. Be blessed!L-074

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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