Good Bye Rain!

After having so many days of miserable rain and uninspiring gray skies, we woke up this morning to dense fog that once dissipated converted to a bright sunny weather. I’m glad that we were far from the fury of hurricane Joaquin. Unlike us some coastal States more to the north of us suffered the most devastating torrential rains reported to be floods worse floods in 1,000 years. Incredibly they got more rain in the initial 12 hours than a month in a normal rainy season! It’s been devastating in material destruction of infrastructure, countless roads, bridges, buildings, crops, many other damaged properties and sadly in loss of lives. I’m sad for those who have been directly affected by this terrible hurricane!

In my backyard, everything looks to be in order, the rain wasn’t very heavy but it was continuously raining which could have created saturation of the soil and hence flooded. Fortunately, our creeks and other water systems did their job flawlessly. I lost a lot of feed for the birds because I had to keep doing refills so the birds could get their meal at some time. Usually, once the seeds get wet and soggy, will be mostly rejected by birds.

I saw the weather forecast this morning, will be sunny and moderate through the week then dropping to more seasonal temperatures. That’s good news!

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

8 thoughts on “Good Bye Rain!

  1. Happy your weather is improving! And that there was no flooding. We were spared from the rains, but had our share in end July to August. I’m sure you’ll have lots of visitors now 🙂

    • Yes, it has improved in comparison with the last few weeks. I hope you’re right about me getting more birds. Thank you Tiny, I’m glad that we were spared from that hurricane. 🙂

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