Look Outside my Window!

How exciting that you’re here to look outside my window now, if you look to the bushes in the middle section of the deck, there’s a Brown-headed Nuthatch climbing up a branch! This little fellow have returned after a short hiatus. I’m happy to see him back. He’s so full of energy! Look how cleverly climbs up and down the branches. His large feet have a strong grip thus allow them to climb upside down too!L-063

Look to the left! Where the bird feeder stand is, what I see is a Red-bellied Woodpecker! This is the very first time I see one in my backyard! Of course is something to be excited about. Note how beautiful this bird is, the color red that covers his head and nape indicates that this one is male. The female has less red and more gray on the head. I hope that he’ll find a mate and build a nest in this area.L-064

Wow! Look straight up to the branches near the deck, that bird is a Brown Thrasher which is the official bird of the State of Georgia. This bird is an expert forager of invertebrates, insects, earth worms, grubs, etc. They have the ability to thrash with their feet and probe the ground with their strong bill to unearth their prey.L-065

Note: This is a bonus addition to this post:

Question about “Red Moon” in Georgia!L-066

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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