More Visitors…

After five days of rain we had a wonderful perfect day, that allowed me to work very hard sprucing my lawns and backyard.I also had a wonderful day to have a few more visitors that dropped by to partake the meals with the local avians. All birds are actually enjoying a voracious appetite and I see those seeds just disappear a lot quicker than usual. It’s my opinion as a merely bird caterer.

Among the visitors I saw and photographed was a Red-bellied Woodpecker, for the first time in my backyard. I was delighted to see this gorgeous bird. I also was honored to have see a Brown Thrasher visiting, which is the official bird of the State of Georgia. There were others but that will be subject for another post. As you can see my backyard is getting a reputation because it’s a good place to get some selected seeds and such a friendly Owner/ Maitre d’.

My Carolina Chickadees are kept so busy getting their winter food supplies in storage that have no time for simple idleness.

Not with the same intensity as the chickadees you can see the Tufted Titmice going back and forth to the feeders.

The process of leaves turning all Autumn colors has already begun. It’s very evident in certain areas of my backyard and our neighborhood’s trees.

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


17 thoughts on “More Visitors…

    • Flying has been a goal imbedded in our genes since we are creatures of the earth. We all return to it sooner or later. However it’s in everybody’s mind to elevate either in physical or spiritual form. Dreams are a kind of rehearsal.
      Thanks Adrian! 🙂

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