Look Outside my Window!

Now that I have you looking outside my window, I ask you, _what’s the first thing that calls your attention? Of course! It’s that beautiful American Goldfinch with his bright plumage going in direction of one of the feeders. L-057They are still coming to my backyard to get some meals. These birds usually breed at the end of Summer and once they have the family already fledged and strong, they are ready to depart for migration.

                   —- o —-

If you look further back to the right near the bushes before the creek stream, there’s a Gray Catbird watching us from a branch of a Sumac plant. These birds only appear in my backyard occasionally so you have been lucky to spot this one. L-058This catbird is shy and not so gregarious toward the other birds. It has a body shape very similar to the mockingbird, slightly smaller and with different plumage colors.


—- o —-

Sitting on top of a bird feeder’s ornamental hanger… over there on the left! You shoold be able to see two young birds: One is a female Northern Cardinal and the other is a male Brown-headed Cowbird. Seeing them there now it comes to my mind… L-059One of the things I like in my backyard is that I care for all birds, no distinctions of one to the other. My birds behavior could well teach a lesson to the human society about this subject. Colors, religions, ancestry etc. all the prejudice which divides our world’s cultures. We still do not learn from the past history!

—- o —-

Note: I introduce you to this little fellow, it is a Cottontail rabbit, it was hopping around foraging for whatever they might like to eat. I think it is a good looking rabbit. I hope you like it too!

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

15 thoughts on “Look Outside my Window!

  1. Ah H.J how blessed you are! What beautiful photographs, and the little cottontail, he posed for you deciding which was his best side! Oh and your wise words…I have very much enjoyed visiting your blog today…just perfect:)

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