Birds of South America – Book Review

Birds of South America – Passerines

By author: Ber van Perlo

Book Review

“Mr. Perlo is a well  known author with several books about birds from different locations in the world which have been awarded as outstanding publications. If you are a birder or a bird photographer like myself, this new field guide being published by Princeton University Press is a tremendous help when you are somewhere in any of the South American countries.

Click on image for more information

Click on image for more information

Locations where birds are abundant as well as varied and identifying the species is critical for your journal or photographic captures. I’ve been in similar situations in the middle of a rainforest or vast savannas not having an illustrated field guide to help you id your new finds.

For this field guide Mr. Perlo has been very thorough about the descriptions as well as the key bits of information about all the pertinent characteristics of the birds and not only to ID but added information about their behavior and bird’s habitats, distribution maps for the illustrated birds. The color illustrations are quite smart and precise about the plumage of the bird at different stages of age or gender. The guide covers 1,952 passerine species. I’m happy to see this field guide because I have been to South America in multiple occasions and I would have liked to own a guide such as this one at those times! Well… it won’t happen again!”

Review by: H.J. Ruiz – – Sept. 26th 2015

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101


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