Look Outside my Window!

It’s in rare occasion that I see an adult female House Finch by herself, without a mate on the look out or next to her. She was feeling a bit intimidated by the presence of other birds but not for long! I saw her approach the feeders on the deck and later she was partaking of the seeds comfortably.L-052

This lovely young female Northern Cardinal was simply radiant, strutting her lovely and provocative new plumage, she modeled her newly completed feathers with brilliant displays of the blends between colors red and a reasonable exquisite tanned beige.L-053 The tail extended and spread in short intervals showing the various hues of typical cardinal red. The explosion of color and saturation of sensual beauty conveyed by the adorable young model was simply an educational lesson of natural beauty and graceful raw jovial enthusiasm! Bravo!

— o —

A young Brown-headed Cowbird was perched on a top branch just looking around before going to the feeder. He is almost done with the growth of feathers and soon his head will be turning a brown color and the rest of his body will be black. Many of these are no strayed, they are surrogated birds that hatched in other species of bird’s nests. Then later they will find the way to integrate the main collective of their own species.L-054

Note: This is an update to the subject of a previous post. It is in reference to a male Northern Cardinal that I photographed and I noticed that was handicapped, he’s missing his right foot. He also was in the process of molting at the time. Now, I bring you an update photo of him apparently thriving and in strong health. I’m happy for him!

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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