Do Ducks Bathe?

We just had a nice cool morning with no rain, only humidity but not so high. We decided to visit the park in our town. Lucy, Tyler and I drove to the park not very far from our home. Tyler calls it the “duck park” because the park has a pond where some ducks and geese stop by. Among all the other amenities such as baseball field, tennis, playgrounds, amphitheater etc… this is a large park!. We limit ourselves to one of the children playgrounds and of course the pond. It wasn’t exactly a sunny day but gave me enough light to get some pictures of ducks. We stayed there for about one hour and a half then we returned home, because some ominous clouds were ready to unleash rain.

One of the things that called my attention during my photo session was seeing a Muscovy Duck (male) being in the pond swimming most of the time swam to the edge of the pond and took a bath! This action made me smile a bit.

Now I wonder if fish take baths too?

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


15 thoughts on “Do Ducks Bathe?

  1. Muscovy Ducks are so nice! My younger daughter thought our neighbours’ Muscovy duck was a mutant half-duck half-chicken! They move their heads back and forth like a chicken when they walk don’t they? Lovely shots of a bathing duck!

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