Photo Sessions

The sudden changes in our weather called for a new mode of shooting my pictures. I have to accommodate my shooting schedules according to the weather conditions such as shooting  whenever is a break from rain or dark cloudy hours. My photo sessions are limited to only a few minutes, that is if I’m not busy with other kind of work.

I will post some pictures and add some short commentary about them, it’s the best I can do at the moment. I hope that you will understand.

Session # 1

Just as I have mentioned previously, some American Goldfinches are coming to the feeders more often and seems to me that  they like my backyard enough to stay around for a while.

Session # 2 

This Northern Cardinal  became subject of this session  after I noticed that it’s missing her right foot, she is not actually injured, her stump is totally healed and she’s undergoing molting at this time. She has a peculiar way to perch, reason why it called my attention but despite her handicap she is active and my opinion is that she will thrive living a normal life. Go girl!

Session # 3

Not much to say of a single Carolina Chickadee busy as always especially after some rain.

Then I was a bit surprised to see a female Brown-headed Cowbird by herself and young in age. She might be a juvenile hatched in a surrogate nest. What do you think?

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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