This and That

Here we are with some dramatic changes in our local weather most likely caused by the Tropical Storm Erika in parts of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. We have had cooler as much as dark days and sporadic rain. Nothing that could help shooting pictures or seeing many birds. They simply resort to be sheltered and not to be opposed to the weather elements, I don’t blame therm!  We had a couple of those really gloomy and desolate days in my backyard, rain ruins most of the seeds placed in feeders and everything outdoors gets soaked. Even the nectar juice for hummingbirds gets ruined because rain water seeps in the bottle and the juice gets watery in excess. When we get breaks from the rain, some birds return to the feeders and I have to supply some fresh seeds because the previous ones are soggy and not very appetizing to most birds. Not very much to trite about.

I”ll shoot some pictures if I get enough opportunity and bird quorum. So far It’s been a bit slow of bird activity, only have a few fresh pictures to show for this post. ( And maybe 40K in my archives)

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


4 thoughts on “This and That

    • I understand that perfectly Jet, that’s why I show my birds as they are at the moment. The natural look adds credibility and raw beauty, birds are not adornments, they are beautiful creatures…naturally! Thank you my friend! 🙂

    • You are entirely correct, not only that, ducks in the wild usually hide during the molting of the wing feathers because they are at their most vulnerable for predators since they wouldn’t be able to fly. Thank you Lori! 🙂

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