Look Outside my Window!

Our weather temperatures have decreased in the past few days to a moderate mid 80’s as the high and mid 50’s in the early morning. The humidity is remaining high. I see the Northern Cardinal families very active in the backyard, some of their adults birds are in the middle of their molting process and on the other hand, the new generation Cardinals are growing fast and looking very nice. Some of these families are my local birds which don’t migrate for winter.L-040

My beautiful American Goldfinches have been active lately. I suspect that are starting to find their mates and it would please me very much if they ever decide to nest here and stay. Can you just imagine when each of the couples hatch at least five eggs, next my backyard would be looking like a “gold mine”. Yeah! A “gold rush” in Georgia!L-041

Believe me, the Carolina Chickadee are also very active starting very early in the morning and then going back and forth carrying sunflower seeds to the trees area. That could mean one thing… preparing for the next 2 seasons! These birds are small little machines full of energy and they will work hard to have their nests secure and well provided of food. Great little birds!L-042

Note: This bonus report comes from my front porch butterfly bush, it’s a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly, these are large size beauties. I hope that you like this week’s bonus.L-043

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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