Gold Digger

How nice is to have a semi-dark day but slightly cooler in weather temperature compared to the high 90º’s days that we’ve been having. I’m shooting some pictures when a very handsome male American Goldfinch arrived at the deck area and modeled his latest breeding plumage! I was very pleased with his presence but I did not get the light that I’d have liked for this occasion. It was very dull and dark. I did my best anyways!

I believe that this goldfinch is in search for a mate and just happened to stop by and visit the deck area and dig in the feeder saucers for some goodies, top notch seeds. He did that! He seemed to be very pleased, he also shared some seeds with a couple of House Finches, I’m sure that they had a chat about any single ladies from the area.

A simple, dark day could suddenly turn golden with a beautiful bird like the American Goldfinch. Never get disappointed before the time that you have set to wait because if you cut it short you might miss a great opportunity when going shooting. Many good shots are made almost at the end of your waiting time. It happened many times to me!

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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