Look Outside my Window!

One of the VIP visitors I get in my backyard is of course the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, like this male (See photo) He was getting breakfast of nectar juice and was happy to recharge his energy. This bird’s weight is about the weight of 2 penny coins put together (5 grams). They are amazing flyers, they can hover and also fly backwards. There’s not way not like them being such amazing birds!L-032

Mourning Doves are a fixture in my backyard, they can be seen all year round and I ‘m sure that they are the consumers of about 50% of the seeds that I provide for birds throughout the year! They can really eat!  I’m sure that you know that already if you have  some of them at your feeders, if they are in a larger group they know how to get rowdy and aggressive too.L-033

My dear Blue Jays are more content and less afraid safety wise in the deck area where all birds love to hang out. I see them more often and spending a few minutes longer with other birds around them. Over all they are strong birds but shy. They have a terrific plumage no doubt!L-034

Note: Today I provide a little bit of bird humor:

Casanova sweet talk, not always worksL-035

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

18 thoughts on “Look Outside my Window!

  1. Thanks for sharing the view through your window! Always nice to see what other people see! I don’t see too many birds outside my own window. Probably because my cats are always hanging out on the deck, like a couple of deadbeats. (sigh)

  2. I enjoyed reading about your quirky bird neighborhood, they all do have their own little personalities. And yes, the doves will sit and eat until the food is gone…that is if the squirrels don’t get it to it first! Beautiful photographs.

  3. I have really been enjoying these ‘Look Outside My Window’ posts HJ! The shots are superb and the anecdotes and information about your bird visitors are interesting and amusing too. I am so pleased your beautiful Blue Jays are feeling braver and happy to stay longer on your deck area.

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