The Great Impostor

Several Northern Mockingbirds have nested for for several years in my backyard and shrubs in my front lawn. They are the current authorities of the avian neighborhood. Many times I’ve written about them and their law enforcement qualities. However, I have one more short story to tell you, it just happened two or three days ago.

It all began with a female House Sparrow visiting my feeders, the first time this year. I had fun shooting some pictures of her while she was on the deck and surrounding shrubs, her constant chirping is easy recognizable. After a while I saw her take off and leave the area. My hope was to see her again and shoot some more pictures.

A few hours later I hear the chirping again and I got ready for her return…the chirping got closer and there I see a Northern Mockingbird sitting on a branch chirping like the bird that left previously. He fooled me!

He’s a great impostor, a good one!… I had a good laugh!

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

13 thoughts on “The Great Impostor

    • They are very smart and very alert to all situations. I like them, they must like me too! Once I stretched my hand with seeds and offer them to one of the standing on the roof of my house and it took a beautiful dive toward me and about 3 feet from me it diverted right and back to the roof – This bird teased me! That’s smart! Thanks Jet! 🙂

  1. I love their repertoire! They can fool the best, like you H.J. 🙂 I just had one in our garden last night imitating at least six different birds while I was walking the doggy.

    • They are quite smart and strong tempered. I definitely believe that he is great help to other birds within his marked territory… perhaps he’s the only one that could yell “danger!” in different bird languages. Who knows? Thanks Tiny! 🙂

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