Not Shy, Just Blue

As I suspected, I see Blue Jays almost daily because they got acquainted with my backyard and are indeed feeling very comfortable with my feeding set up. Just as the rest of frequent visitors. The following is what birds find in my backyard:

  • Nice variety of trees, any of them suitable for building nests.
  • Bushes, thickets and shrubs to provide safe areas and cover.
  • Stream that carries fresh rain water all year.
  • Creek with perfect soil to find worms, invertebrates, insects etc.
  • Bird feeders sponsored by yours truly, “free all you can eat”!

What’s not to like? The place is perfect for any species of birds…Don’t you think?

I’m glad that birds like my set up and want to make it their home.

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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