Look Outside my Window!

It’s so nice to see birds like House Finches arrive to the feeders, not one family but two or three together and all their now juvenile new brood. I admire their closeness and behavior as a group, They are very organized birds, as  collective rules are followed for their own safety. They do take turns to feed, the parents eat first and test the area for any threats, while the brood waits at a near location, when the parents return the young birds move to the feeders and eat under the supervision of the adults that are close by. Of course, this whole operation takes only a few minutes, once the families have fed and are satisfied they all depart as a group. Very neatly done!L-020

Our backyard holds nests for several Northern Cardinals families, very active daily at the feeders as usual. This year I’ve seen many new offsprings , products of these multiple families. Now, they are at juvenile stage and quite full of energy, they move fast and they are not still for a second!. Both male and female are everywhere. It’s delightful to see them but it’s hard work for the photographer and get good shots! I love them anyways!L-021

My Carolina Chickadees are as active as ever, I always see two or three of them going back and forth to the feeders, picking up sunflower seeds and take them to the tree area where they must have their nests. These little birds are very dedicated to their home and nest. Once they have found a mate, their main duty becomes to build a safe nest and then breed their offsprings. Parenthood will be their priority after that!L-022

Bonus: I have my cameras not only trained exclusively for birds, I do shoot other subjects also. In this case it is a Blue Dragonfly. I couldn’t pass the opportunity of seeing it and not shoot a picture.


Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

15 thoughts on “Look Outside my Window!

  1. It’s great hearing about your avian visitors, HJ. This time of year is so special with the offspring in their various stages visiting the feeders, and growing and learning. Wonderful post. 😀

    • I’m just reporting what I see through the lens of my camera, the window to my birds! They are more that photographic images. Thank you Jet! 🙂

    • My point of the “Bonus” is that I don’t forget about beauty other than birds! Thanks Susan I appreciate it! 🙂

  2. Your observations always make me look at things a little differently and remind me to pay more attention to the details of the daily life of my bird visitors. I really appreciate blogs that educate me as well as entertain. 🙂

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