Birds and Animals of Australia’s Top End – Book Review

Birds and Animals of Australia’s Top End – Darwin, Kakadu, Katherine and Kunumurra

Authors: Nick Leseberg & Iain Campbell



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“I’m quite delighted to see a book-guide dedicated to the “Top end” of Australia where most of the known national parks are. The region covered by this guide is impressive for the amount of wildlife in terms of birds and other animals.

The photographs are superbly sharp and in full color, high quality to visually help get an identification of the species on reference with accurate scientific name and brief information about any distinctive key identifying factor. The guide has been structured with being very concise including also the location where the species can be found. The beauty of the australian birds and other animals are made evident being displayed on wonderful photographs obviously chosen to impress, for this complete guide. The authors own experience and knowledge has been applied in a conscious and very effective way to have achieved a winner guide.”

Brief review by: H.J. Ruiz – – July 22nd, 2015

Publisher: Princeton University Press

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