Look Outside My Window!

Never mind the weather, I had a nice week with the birds. Like being surprised by this beautiful fledgling Eastern Towhee, last week I saw a juvenile one and I felt so happy, now to see an even younger Towhee it’s great!… same evening I was on the deck looking at my recently mowed lawn when I noticed a little bird flying toward me and then sit on a branch about 2 feet from my face, it was the young Towhee and it wasn’t scared, he twitted a couple of times looking at me and flew off again. I loved that moment I immediately refilled the feeders and went in the house again totally satisfied! The little bird asked me for food!L-016

In other occasion I’m in the middle of shooting pictures of birds, the background is dark because the trees, the light effect is dramatic but great… to my opinion. When I see a light blue dart going across my screen, it’s an Indigo Bunting! Going from light blue to darker blue every time it’s hit by direct sunlight. Of course I had to oblige and switched my attention to the new comer since it’s visits don’t take long. What a pleasure to see this outstandingly colored bird!L-017

Once in a while I get to see a group of Brown-headed Cowbirds arriving all at once creating a bit of a commotion among birds, perhaps about 15 to 20 individuals which the majority are females, all taking turns to jump in and get some chow. Male cowbirds act very moody and dominant toward the females. Females vs. females are not gentle at all either.L-018


Click for larger picture!

Bonus: An occasional visitor has the audacity to push around some birds and eat their seeds. The squirrel is daring and bold, going open like that. There are predators eyes watching from far at all times. Be careful…!

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

12 thoughts on “Look Outside My Window!

  1. What a wonderful encounter with the young towhee! I can understand how it would bring a feeling of great satisfaction and happiness to be eye-to-eye with such a special visitor. Great photos of the indigo bunting, too. We have one here that sits high up on the electric wires next to our house and sings his song every evening. Always brings a smile to my face. 🙂

    • The whole deal of observing birds, photography, care, etc. I believe that we slowly start looking at them in a more humanly way and find that there’s perhaps an invisible bond with them that make us understand what they mean, not everything they do is just coincidental or done at random. Thanks for sharing Amy! 🙂

      • Yes, I agree. I believe once you get in tune with nature, you begin to see the world (the natural world anyway) in a whole new way. I know for me, as I have gotten more in touch with nature via observing birds, hiking, etc, I have become more sensitive to our ecology and the needs of nature and how mankind has all too often abused our wonderful world. Of course, as a preschool teacher part of it could also be that I spend a lot of time reading books with anthropomorphized animals. 🙂

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