Look Outside my Window!

It’s not a secret that I’m very fond of the Carolina Chickadee which are a permanent avian specie resident of my backyard. Their perky attitude, sweet wavy flight pattern and superb skills to open sunflower seeds are only secondary to their bold feisty attitude if any other bird species dare to approach their nest when is breeding season. No matter how big the intruder may be, this little bird will definitely attack fearlessly! Good little friend!L-010

The male Red-winged Blackbirds are very handsome birds, great subjects for photography because they always pose their svelte and well delineated body just like model for a photo session. Their females are very much different (Sexually dimorphic) but with beauty of their own especially their plumage color patterns. The female is smaller than the male too. L-011

The Indigo Bunting is one of the most good looking birds I’ve seen when it comes to color. The color hue is unique and quite impressive to see in person. They are not birds that show up in groups or stay or long time in one place. I can just imagine that being a bird with that attractive color plumage it also makes you an easy target for predators.L-012

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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