A Piece of Blue Sky

“Once in a while a piece of  blue sky drops to my backyard”. This analogy is based on the Indigo Bunting showing up in my backyard for a short delightful visit!. It’s always a treat just looking at this lovely bird, it is a double treat being able to photograph it.

If you have never seen one personally , let me describe it for you:  This bird when facing direct sunlight its  plumage becomes as brilliant as a neon light! It’s like watching a cartoon animation moving around mixed with reality. However, when flying and depending on the natural light angle, will appear to be black!

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

40 thoughts on “A Piece of Blue Sky

  1. You did a great job here of capturing the indigo bunting’s stunning color, HJ. I have only come upon two different indigo buntings in my life, but both times their beauty stopped me in my tracks. Lovely photos. 😀

  2. Oh, lucky you to have a bunting stay long enough to be photographed. It makes my summer when a bunting flashes into my yard, however briefly; sometimes a summer will pass without one appearing or perhaps without our witnessing its quick drop-by visit. The photographs are marvelous.

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