It’s Only Summer

Life goes on in Northwest Georgia… It is Summer and we get high temperatures daily, the humidity of this season is a classic of Georgia. We just have to pretend that it’s just “peachy”.  Got my electric bill with a 100% increase charges for usage!

Changing subject, the Eastern Bluebirds that nested and roosted in my backyard have been gone for a couple of weeks already. There are still a bunch of juveniles going around from the following species:

  • Northern Cardinal
  • Mourning Dove
  • European Starling
  • Common Grackle
  • House Finch

Last week I saw a Hummingbird getting nectar from my dwarf Crape Myrtle that is actually in full bloom! I couldn’t ID the hummer because it left very quickly, I think it’s not a Ruby-throated. I have my special feeder with fresh nectar waiting for them!

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

27 thoughts on “It’s Only Summer

  1. Beautiful gallery as always! You get such a nice variety at your feeders. I feel your pain re: the electric bill. I’m dreading mine. With the construction going on we’ve got lights on where they’re normally off, and power tools going all day. It’s been so hot we’re running the ceiling fans 24 hours a day. Thankfully, it’s not humid here too! Stay cool my friend!

    • That’s the price to pay for using more electric energy! Thank you for sharing Deborah and keep cool too! 🙂

  2. Your birds don’t appear to be frazzled by the heat and humidity. Sorry you are sweltering. We are on the other side of the jet stream and it’s weirdly almost cold. Delightful pictures. 🙂

    • Remember that it’s us humans that can’t take it! Birds keep their cool for the photos! 🙂 Thanks Lisa! 🙂

  3. Lovely gallery, H.J.! The Blue Jay always draws my eye…I saw one yesterday too in the salt marsh, but he didn’t want to pose for me 🙂

      • The ruby-throated had been hanging around here for about 2 months, which made me so happy, but then a couple of weeks ago they vanished and I haven’t seen them since. I ended up taking down my nectar feeder for the time being. I was sorely disappointed that they moved on.

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