Look Outside my Window!

We have started what it seems to be a hot and humid  Summer. High temperatures will deter some birds from being active at open air areas. That means, having less opportunities for me to photograph them.


My little friends the Carolina Chickadees are always present in my backyard. I like them a lot, they are a pacific species, very family oriented but a fierce and feisty contender if any other bird gets near their nest during breeding season. To make an analogy, it’s comparable to when anyone get’s a wasp angry and this will not let go without attacking continuously and furiously! They are likable little birds, well know by most everyone.

Carolina Chickadee

Carolina Chickadee

Blue Jays are large birds that I see once in a while in my backyard. They are shy birds from what I’ve seen. They have a gorgeous plumage no doubt, they usually travel in groups mixed with Common Grackles, Red-winged Blackbirds and Brown-headed Cowbirds. Blue Jays are neat in appearance and behavior when eating, they appear to be organized and intelligent, if they want to eat from a feeder they’ll do it but not before they check all area surrounding it. Including trying dry runs to test the safety of the new place.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay

This is a female Northern Cardinal, pretty lady of the famous male. She has the same shape as her male but different in their plumage color. They’re both beautiful birds, very popular and the favorites of many people.

I’ve been blessed by having several families of cardinal living in my backyard for almost a decade. I love them a lot too!

Northern Cardinal (F)

Northern Cardinal (F)

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


19 thoughts on “Look Outside my Window!

  1. loved it! all three are cute birdies…yesterday we spotted a new bird on our evening walk that we don’t usually see…it was a pretty big bird…however; the image i got on my phone camera is too blurry for me to post here to ask you 🙂 but if we spot it next time I will share it and get your expertise on the breed : )…thanks for sharing as always!

  2. Gorgeous, as usual! When I first started having my morning coffee out on my front porch, the blue jays were very suspicious but now – as long as I sit very still – they accept my presence. 🙂 I like your description of them doing a “dry run” to make sure a feeder is safe. I have seen them do that exact thing!

    • Thank you for sharing Amy! I’m not just taking pictures, I do keep an eye in their behavior and habits. I like to know the bird species well, knowing the birds moves help my photography. 🙂

      • I certainly have learned much from your observations!

        Just today I was thinking about the discussion in one of your previous posts, about the cowbird. Remember the question – if a cowbird is raised by a sparrow (or other species) how does it know it’s a cowbird? I was thinking about that because there have been lots of fledgling grackles and cowbirds about and I have noticed that now that they are no longer being fed by their “parents”, the young cow birds have all congregated together with other adult cowbirds! So, at some point in their young lives, the cowbirds must stop following momma and papa sparrow or oriole or whatever around and gravitate to their own kind. It’s all quite fascinating! Your posts have made me look at things in a new and deeper way. 🙂 And I always appreciate anything that gives me a bit of an education.

      • The bird after fledging will seek to join the collective of it’s own specie, already coded in their genes. I had that same question in my mind a some years back but I did some research. You are getting closer to the birds day by day Amy! I’m proud of you! 🙂

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