Offshore Sea Life ID Guide -Book Review


By Authors: Steve N.G. Howell & Brian Sullivan

“The 5”x8” ID Guide is the perfect size and weight for having it in your carry-on or your jacket pocket. This guide has been written and edited by two well known authors with vast experience in the field.

Click image for more information

Click image for more information

The study of species of the sea or land lead them to design a simple but concise guide with the necessary text information accompanied by 300 photographs to make any person visiting the West Coast of United States and then going on any pelagic trips, as knowledgeable as your touring guide.

The answers to your questions will be there in minutes when you make a comparison of what you see offshore and what is on the guide. in full color, with the brief description of the species on sight. The listed names of species are what you’d most likely see while on the day trip tours offshore or to West Coast Islands. I believe that this guide was taylor-made for these kind of offshore trips and will leave you satisfied that you could ID every creature that you saw!”

Book review by H.J. Ruiz – June 19th, 2015

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