Adapt and Live

The last few days I got many visits of birds such as Red-winged Blackbirds, Blue Jays, Brown-headed Cowbirds and Common Grackles and others.

While shooting pictures of these birds I noticed a particular one, a Common Grackle that  got my attention because it was actually limping… it had a damaged leg!. Most likely it had a broken leg that has healed but was set wrong and now that leg is not working properly.

Looking at this bird with a disable leg was sad for me, besides, there’s nothing I could have done to make it better. Incredibly so, the grackle managed to handle all situations and was very active just using one leg. It’s amazing how well they can adapt to the circumstances and keep living their normal life. Even when this bird seems to be doing alright despite the damaged leg, I feel sorry and sad for the little creature… I can’t help it.

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

25 thoughts on “Adapt and Live

  1. I know how you feel H.J. Last year I had a squirrel visiting my yard that was missing one foot. He/She scampered all over the yard and trees seemingly without much trouble, but it still pained me to see it. Life is really cruel in the animal kingdom isn’t it.

    • Wilderness is full with danger and plagued with different perils for all small creatures, however, it seems like you and I have seen and realized that victims can adapt to live a normal life! Thanks Deborah! 🙂

  2. What a plucky bird. Thanks for sharing it with us. Where I live, deer wander into town and take up residence from time to time. Particularly in the winter, I see them injured and doing the best they can.Usually their injuries come from collisions with cars. It breaks my heart.

  3. Ah! Yes…a very good lesson for all of us…the grackle doesn’t sit around feeling sorry for himself…he gets right in there and takes care of business any way he can. 🙂
    We have many grackle near me…I have named one Jack…he seems to be interested in me (how funny) Every day I am doing my rehab in the pool he comes to visit! One might say how do I know it is the same bird…and I would say I don’t…but we have the same routine every day…I think it is Jack ,)

    • You’re right Lorrie! That was my point exactly for this post. i ‘m incline to say that Jack is the bird you see every day, this type of bird is smart and routine driven. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. I feel sad too seeing a bird with a handicap, but I’m happy how well they adapt. This one seemed to do just fine. I’ve seen a few one legged birds on the beach and they seemed to manage well too.

  5. Those of us who love nature and all of its creatures feel a bit sad when we can’t help one of those creatures. But I love how nature manages to “find a way” without human interference. I remember for two or three years we had a one-legged blue jay come to our feeders at our northern cabin. I always loved it when I saw that bird and was inspired by his/her ability to survive despite the handicap.

    • I feel very proud to have friends that have a compassionate nature and care so much for any creature’s wellbeing. You Amy are one of them too! Thank you for sharing and caring! 🙂

  6. You can rest assured that the lame birds benefit most from having access to your food and water, rather than being even more vulnerable by trying to find food in the wild.

  7. You’re so compassionate, HJ! I’m glad this bird has compensated so well and seems to be thriving. I think many creatures, including many human beings, often surprise us with their resilience and ability to carry on very capably, despite what others may see as ‘disabilities’.

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