Growing Pains

Birds in general go through a growing process that is ultra-fast. They have an amazing rate of growth, their size and development of the necessary elements to generate flight are incredibly fast. It takes only a few days and they go from fledglings to juveniles in no time as we folks say.

My backyard is thriving with so many new families, couples in company of their respective broods, all are at different stages of growth as you’ll be able to see for yourselves in the Photo Gallery of this post. As we also say:

“Babies of any kind are always a reason for reaching good emotions and a term of endearment.”

I hope that all the new generations from my backyard grow to be healthy and strong. I know one thing, they eat well and plenty.

These very young birds are still learning the best ways to deal with other species, dangers, confrontations, getting food on their own and dealing with the weather. Then later they’ll find other important things when their hormones begin to activate… That’s another story altogether!

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

19 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. Great photos of the juveniles in their various stages. My backyard is filled as well with juveniles, chicks, fledglings, and parents who are doggedly trying to keep up with the feeding. This always means high level alert for you, the provider, to keep the feeders full. Always a joy! 😀

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