Upside-down Situation

This bird has a very sophisticated body shape, it is a great flier, his bill is hard as a steel lance, it’s an expert cracking open seeds and nuts and he can easily walk upside down on almost any surface in the woods. I’m talking about the White-breasted Nuthatch. I saw this bird once fly to a branch and sit directly from flying on the underside of a branch. I blew my mind! That is a feat that perhaps an insect can do but I’ve never expected from a bird. Walking down a tree, walking under a piece of wood is common but coming directly from flying…that’s fantastic!

This bird is very active and fast moving, not and easy subject to track with a zoom lens that for sure. Hard task but not impossible!

I’m glad that the White-breasted Nuthatchs decided to stay in my backyard this year!

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

11 thoughts on “Upside-down Situation

    • Thank you Susan, it’s mostly a matter of timing and following the action. These are acquired with experience. 🙂

  1. Such an endearing fella! We have velvet fronted nuthatches that has me giggling with their movements. Do the white breasted look a tad angry with their belligerent stares too?

    • Their eyes are a bit slanted but they are ok just look angry but it’s not. They do move very fast and hardly pause for a second. Thanks for sharing Christy! 🙂

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