Family Affair

Spring has been in full force stimulating birds hormones; and the product of that is quite evident from what I can see in my backyard. Either fledglings and their parents or just fledglings trying to learn the ropes about eating from feeders, also how to share these with other species.

My post for today will concentrate especially in one species that had never roosted in my backyard. Now I see them daily and not only that, they bring their fledglings along for feeding lessons. I’m referring to the European Starlings.

For several years they used to stop by in their way to the North coming back from migration at the beginning of Spring, then stay for a couple of rainy days and then leave until the following year. This year they arrived here early days of Spring and built their nests obviously.

However, in previous years it was the Brown-headed Cowbirds the ones that used to come back in large flocks and create havoc around here which they haven’t done this year. One thing I have noticed is that the starlings brood are extremely demanding for food, but they are also fast learners too! The parents feed them in the mouth for a few times and then they leave them to fend for themselves and after a while the parents return to take them back home. (See how things work out in photo gallery)

We are experiencing many changes in the weather patterns from year to year but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing for Nature’s sake, only for our human ways and things taken for granted. Nature will do what’s needed to complete the cycle of life. So be it!

“That’s how Nature works!…It has a life of it’s own!”

Photo Gallery 

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

14 thoughts on “Family Affair

  1. Great pics Avian, it is interesting how the Starling parent place food in the open mouth of fledgling, and in other birds such as Darter, the babies push their head down into the neck of the parent to find their food. Its all wonderful!

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