Chez H.J.

Sometimes I get the feeling that I’m running a restaurant of the avian kind, if you catch my drift, I cater meals for every bird that come this way daily, regardless if local or just passing by, they find meals already served. If I go to bed very late and the following day I wake up late, I look out the window and I can see a bunch of birds already waiting, looking at me like saying “Are you opening or what?”

I do feel bad when I know that I’m late for their meals, poor guys, besides they have family to feed too! So that’s how I’ve become an avian Restauranteur. Once in a while I try new seeds I see how they fare, to find out whether they like them or not, I will know soon enough when I see the birds thrashing the seeds and spilling them to the floor so they can select only the ones they like. Birds are not dumb d’you know?

There are larger birds such as the Red-winged Blackbirds and Common Grackle that as soon as they get to the feeders (clay saucers) they push away smaller birds. This action would anger some people and feel a bit dislike of those birds, but if they only would keep observing then the alleged bully-scene would definitely have another meaning. The large bird would thrash hard with its beak and send many seeds to the ground where all the smaller birds will continue their feeding. Birds, by being larger need more space to move around, considering that almost every bird feeders have been designed for small birds!

“I extend my invitation to every bird that is traveling this side of Georgia to visit Chez HJ!”

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

25 thoughts on “Chez H.J.

  1. What a wonderful enjoyable experience shared, and sense of interdependence with bird and human contact! I wondered where many of our Aussie birds had gone recently, they must have heard of your restaurant and are currently flying over the Indian Ocean, I just thought is was winter and cold westerlies 😉

  2. They are thoroughly spoilt by your kindness, H.J ! I hope that if was a bird it would be near a fancy restaurant like that. 🙂

    • And I think is a 4 stars…at least that’s what I saw when I tripped trying to fill the feeder! 🙂 Thank you Jane!

  3. Yes, great shots and know that your Avian Restaurant is always full. You kindess will spread from bird to bird and species to species. you may need to hire more cooks.

  4. I so enjoyed this post because my husband and I have often remarked that we operate an early bird diner with hours to accommodate night owls as well. I like studying your photographs to increase my bird identification capabilities.

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