My Friends are Blue

Lately I’ve been paying more attention to the couple of Eastern Bluebirds that are nesting in one of the bird houses I have in my backyard. They are taking turns in order to gather food to what I suspect are for their new hatchlings. I, as a rule, never like to open birdhouses or pry into nests when they are occupied. I keep myself neutral and do not interfere with their lives. That’s one thing that all birds seem to appreciate, no interference in their daily routines and they feel comfortable.

We have had many rainy days and the ground is soft and I imagine that worms are closer to the surface, that makes them vulnerable to be pecked off the muddy ground. (See photos, birds are wet)

The female Eastern Bluebird is an ace for getting worms, at a rate of one every tree minutes. She’s amazing. The male bluebird was there to protect the nest and to gather seeds from the feeders. They’ve been very visible and busy going back and forth bringing food to the nest.

The competition out there is fierce, I’ve seen E. Starlings, C. Grackles and B. Thrashers going around pecking the ground for worms, grubs, etc.

My hope is that I get to photograph the bluebird when they fledge. I wish that they stay for a little while.

Photo Gallery


Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

31 thoughts on “My Friends are Blue

  1. I spent several minutes catching up on your blog this morning and what a pleasure it was. Your photographs are splendid: varied and real, showing birds at different stages of their lives. Your information and reflections are interesting: teaching me new things about birds I know and introducing me to those I’m not as familiar with. I was glad to see close attention given to pine siskin. My husband and I enjoy them because of their sleek smallness and calmness. Joel approaches them slowly when they’re on our needed and has petted more than one.

  2. Wow, catching a worm every three minutes is really fast and great. Sounds like a successful pair about to expand into a family, how very fun. Beautiful photos, HJ. 🙂

  3. What a blessing to have them nest in your backyard! We have 2 boxes and have never gotten them to nest, mostly because the boxes get taken over by the sparrows. This year I invested in live meal worms (expensive!) and a special feeder, so I hope to get them to stick around!! 🙂

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