Happy Group of Friends # 1

It’s very delightful and rewarding to see a variety of birds coming to my backyard and enjoying moments of partaking a good meal in company of their avian friends.

This would not happen if it wasn’t for the only alternative for all of them if they do not behave in a friendly way they would most likely have to leave hungry. Let me explain this… I’ve noticed that in occasions a species of birds may act in a bullish way to start with at the feeders but soon after in matter of few minutes, you see them  sharing a feeder calmly.

I imagine that there must be a silent code for those birds which they have to comply soon. that is if they want to eat. If they do not they have to face the other birds which will proceed to pester them until they have to leave and continue their flight without sating their hunger.

Precious moments are when I see a mixture of species not even from the same family of birds just making room for the other fellows in a friendly way.

Of course, like in any group gathering whether they are humans, mammals, birds, etc. Always exist the possibility for disputes or disagreements and sometimes even go as far as physical fights. But when it comes to feeding or getting any kind of nourishment they usually opt for sharing with the rest in a pacific way.

These are satisfactions I get beside shooting pictures. I observe their habits and behaviors and get to know what later I always convey to you through my posts.

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


20 thoughts on “Happy Group of Friends # 1

  1. Gorgeous collection! My favourite will always be the bluebird (the colour of the sky) but they are all lovely. The goldfinch and the cardinal certainly make a bright couple in one of the pics. 🙂

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