Handsome Sparrow

The bird being featured today is the White-throated Sparrow,  a passerine, larger that other sparrows and well defined features as well as attractive colors.

White-throated Sparrows are brown above and gray below with a striking head pattern. The black-and-white-striped head is augmented by a bright white throat and yellow between the eye and the bill, which is gray. You’ll also see a less boldly marked form, known as “tan-striped,” with a buff-on-brown face pattern instead of white-on-black. (I haven’t photographed any “tan-striped” yet)

White-throated Sparrow breeding grounds are in Canada, then migrate south to USA during winter, they have a very extended territory.

They eat plants and seeds and live in bushes, overgrown fields and also backyards. These birds have been visiting my backyard for several years.

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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