Small Pal

My backyard as well as the feeders are getting visited by more bird species now. We are  having rain almost every morning, it just mean more waste of seeds that get soaked, however the influx of birds doesn’t drop in numbers.

One little songbird is present more often at the feeders, it’s the Brown-headed Nuthatch, which is one of the two smallest nuthatch in the world.

This small bird is so full of energy and moves so fast that it is hard to keep up in focus with the camera. He has a pointy and very hard bill which they use as a chisel to crack open seed shells without any difficulty.

It’s always a treat to see them climbing up a tree or especially walking upside down with such ease!

I’ve had these species of Nuthatch visiting my backyard since I moved to Georgia almost ten years ago!

“They are tiny birds that it is fun to watch.”

Photo Gallery


Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


16 thoughts on “Small Pal

    • I like them because their small size is not a problem for them, they manage to get what they need, besides, I wouldn’t mess with that bill as hard as steel. Thanks Judy for sharing! 🙂

    • Yes their territory runs from Maryland on the East down to FL all the South, stops at the border of East TX. Thanks Lisa! 🙂

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