Ducks in a Pond

Last Sunday I visited a nice pond that is part of a large Recreations Park. There I had the opportunity to photograph some ducks and geese. The ducks were mostly Pekin white ducks and there were some Mallard ducks as well.

The water in the pond was the color of mud. Rain water from previous days are being fed from creeks which are carrying mud from the fields. For me it was the first time I see this pond this way, like a pond of chocolate. The sun was brilliant and the sky was blue. The reflection of the sky on the brown pond was quite picturesque. You’ll notice this effect on my pictures I’m posting today.

Pekin ducks --- Click on image to see larger version ---

Pekin ducks — Click on image to see larger version —

At the edge of pond I saw some ducks laid on nests and a group of Mallards not interested   to go in the water. I think that all ducks are more interested on breeding at the moment.

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© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

26 thoughts on “Ducks in a Pond

  1. This looks like a fun day at the pond, HJ. I especially like the second photo, the close-up of the Pekin with the blue sky reflected in the water. Great post. 🙂

  2. When we had a large pond, a pair of mallards always came to stay each spring and to have their children. We lvoed watching them teach the ducklings to swim and dive.
    we always assumed that it was the same pair of mallards. do you know if this is correct and if so, how many years would they come back to the same place?

    • I do not have that kind of information, but I know that if they made it their home they most likely use the same nest. Thank you Cynthia for sharing. 🙂

      • You’re welcome. I’ve checked the Internet but so far, results aren’t conclusive. Maybe I’ll just keep thinking it was the same pair!

  3. The water looks like the colour of our Brisbane River. It is always brown! I do love ducks. We often had them on the farm. They are a very entertaining and relaxing bird to watch. A lovely collection of pictures.

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