Dealing with Randomness

What a random weather week we had!. Let me explain why I said that:

  • Wednesday the day was gorgeous Mid 70’s (F) Sunny and bright.
  • Thursday the morning started being 24º F with the wind chill factor that feels like 18ºF! We had, snow flurries, strong winds, rain and very dark.
  • Friday started with a cold morning High 20’s and the sun came out and warmed to be in the Low 40’s F.

That really is so annoying because it’s interfering with our usual daily routines and our planning  ahead of time. How can anyone plan when you don’t know if it’s going to snow suddenly and they notify that Schools are close for the day. The following day is sunny and bright but there’s ice on the roads and they close Schools and the roads. Then you go some place because is just raining and in a few minutes of cold wind the roads become icy and extremely dangerous. Then you have School activities that are canceled after so much preparation. You also have the kids birthday parties that are canceled last minute. Commercial businesses closed because of the weather. Appointments with clients canceled, etc, etc. It would be something normal If we were living in the north of the Country were is a normal thing…but here in Georgia area where I live, it just doesn’t jibe!

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


15 thoughts on “Dealing with Randomness

  1. You have inspired me to start taking backyard photos. I have a big picture window on the back of my kitchen that I shoot from when they are on the feeders. How are you set up? Do you have blind or something to hide behind outside? Thanks!

    • I’m very glad Andy! I hope that you like it. Try not to be too close because the birds have excellent eye sight and will be spooked if they see you. You will definitely need a zoom lens and it would really help you to have a tripod, this way you won’t get tired of holding the camera. If your window is not too close then just shoot from your kitchen window. Or move the feeders farther from you. I do not use a blind but I have a long zoom lens and shoot from far. Good luck! 🙂

  2. I hope this weather is a temporary feature for the south…this winter has been something else. Not so extreme for us, but clearly cooler than normal. Now we’re finally back at mid/high 70s and even low 80s here and it’s spring-like. Beautiful birds, as always!!

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