Healthy Dudes

These two energetic birds are members of the group of avians residing in my backyard. Northern Mockingbird and White-breasted Nuthatch. I see them all the time as they move around very comfortably and happy to have all the resources handy and conveniently replenished by me.

Can you blame them? They have it made!


I observe all birds that come to my feeders and I can tell you that by comparison to previous years, all these birds are in perfect health and full of energy, that’s my opinion.

Perhaps the extended and extreme cold weather might have something to do with it, by containing the reproduction of bacteria, mites, worms, microscopic germs and else!

I’m very thorough when it comes to observing and noticing differences, not normal shapes and erratic behavior. This year, so far I have not seen anything out of the ordinary and seemed quite normal from my observations I’ve done of the variety of species that visited my backyard.

Another theory would be that the weakest by sickness or other non-healthy subjects did not survive the cold spells hence only the stronger individuals remained.

Photo Gallery


Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


12 thoughts on “Healthy Dudes

  1. I think that your constant care in servicing their stations, keeping the area clean of bacteria, is a big part of it too. Great job HJ~ We love healthy birds! 🙂

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